How are main stream schools funded - to support pupils with SEN
From April 1st 2003, Hillingdon Local Education Authority (LEA) changed the way it funds schools for pupils with special educational needs.
What changes were proposed?
The schools receive money for pupils with special needs without the need to have a statement. Children who have a learning, communication or behaviour difficulty, known as high incidence SEN, will no longer need to have a statement of special educational needs to access additional support in school.
Why was it changed?
Central government is insisting that Local Education Authorities (LEAs) delegate a greater proportion of the local schools' budget directly to schools. This means that they want schools to have as much money as possible from the Council.
By giving schools additional funding for pupils with special educational needs they will be able to plan for, and meet the needs of more children without the delay of waiting for a statement to be produced.
Will any statements be issued?
Yes. If your child has a significant vision, hearing, physical disability or complex need, a statutory assessment may still be appropriate. If your child's needs can only be met in either a specialist resourced provision attached to a mainstream school, or in a special school a statement will still be required.
What if my child already has a statement?
If your child already has a statement for SEN this will remain in place and will be subject to the normal review and monitoring procedures. Nothing will change until:
Your child leaves the primary school and transfers to secondary school or
He/she leaves their current school and transfers to a different school within Hillingdon (but not Infant to Junior of linked school)
At this point, the statement may remain in place, but the funding will not transfer with your child. Funding will already be available in the receiving school.
Does this affect my right to request a statutory assessment?
No. If there is sufficient evidence that your child meets the guidelines for a statutory assessment, you can request an assessment from the LEA
If your child's needs fall into the 'high incidence' category (learning, communication, behaviour) the statement will not carry additional funding. This is because the school will have already been funded to meet high incidence special needs.
If there is no statement, how will I know what support my child is getting in school?
If your child has special educational needs he/she will have an individual education plan (IEP). This IEP will show the areas of need, set targets and provide strategies to meet these needs. Parents/carers should normally be involved in drawing up the IEP. The IEP will be reviewed annually.
Does this affect my right of appeal?
No. Your statutory rights are not affected at all.
Other LEA Support to Mainstream Schools  
The LEA also provides extensive professional advice, support and training to enhance the provision and expertise already available within all schools.