Preparing For A Review Meeting
Preparing For A Review Meeting
If your child has special educational needs (SEN) her/his progress will be reviewed at different times during the school year and you could be invited to take part in any review meeting.
The meeting might be to review:

your child's Individual Education Plan (IEP) or

their Statement of Special Educational Needs (this meeting is known as the Annual Review Meeting and you must be invited to attend) or
their Pastoral Support Programme (PSP) sometimes called a Pupil Support Plan or Individual Behaviour Plan, if they are at risk of permanent exclusion from school
their Transition review in Year 9
Below are some questions for you to think about in preparation for a review meeting. Not all of them will be relevant to your your child and you will undoubtedly think of others to add to the list based on your knowledge of your child. The meeting will also take account of your child's views in relation to their needs and difficulties.
What are your child's strengths?
What are your child's favourite activities?
What are your child's special talents, hobbies and interests?
What are her/his weaknesses (e.g. areas where you feel there is a particular need for improvement or where you feel they are having difficulties)?
In what situation do you think your child learns best (e.g. in the classroom, in a small group, with one-to-one help, etc.)?
Which educational skills does your child practise regularly at home: reading, writing, using the computer, crafts, etc?
Does your child have any learning or behavioural difficulties that are of concern to you or other family members?
Does your child have any particular fears or worries?
How does your child usually react when upset and how do you deal with the behaviour?
What progress do you feel your child has made since the last meeting?
Do you feel your child has met any of the targets set for her/him?
If you have been given specific tasks to do with your child at home, how well have these worked?
Did you experience any difficulties in carrying out specific tasks at home?
Have there been any significant changes in your child's needs or in your home circumstances that the meeting should know about?
Do you have any particular concerns about your child's progress at school?
What are your main hopes for your child this year?
Is there any other information you feel you should provide?
Are there any other concerns that you would like to raise at the meeting
If you have been sent any papers to complete before the review meeting it is important that you do so. Although records are kept of most review meetings they are usually only about decisions made at the meeting, not the general discussion. Filling in any paperwork will make sure that your views are recorded. If you would like assistance with paperwork, talk to the SENCO or class teacher or call the Parent Partnership Helpline on 01895 277001